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Hillary Being Hillary

Ed Morrissey:

How Clintonian! Attacking opponents for attacking her while attacking them. James Carville once said, "It's hard for someone to hit you when you have your fist in their face." It's even harder to attack one's opponents while shooting one's self in the foot -- repeatedly.

Hillary has the highest negatives of any serious contender on both sides of this race. Criticism of "present" votes certainly makes sense, but setting up an entire website for it goes beyond Carvillian. And trying to garner sympathy for being a front-runner is not only futile, it makes her look thin-skinned and petulant.

Who's advising this campaign, anyway? A more competent staff would have figured out how to work the criticism into the campaign without turning it into an apparent obsession, and without the poor-me companion website.

This comes in response to ABC News's discovery of two anti-Obama domain names registered by the Clinton campaign. Now, I don't know that these websites are entirely wrong in principle. Anything that draws even the slightest contrast gets called negative these days, but they're tried and true methods that have worked on the electorate for years.

Multiple websites could be useful, too. Anything that breaks down the differences between the two senators is fair game, and could be useful (of course they'll be slanted, but see Obama's response to Krugman. Nobody ever accused campaigns of being totally forthright with the facts).

Hillary's problem--and the reason this stinks to high Heaven--is that it comes across like yet another small measure to simply smear Obama. At some point, Mark Penn et al. decided that Hillary's negatives were too high to reconcile with the electorate. So, they blew the dust off of the old text book, and cooked up a litany of ways to raise Obama's negatives in order to create parity with him. So repeat the drug use meme. Have Bob Kerrey accidentally mention Islam and the "secular madrassa," whatever that is. Start a few hit sites, etc.

And this won't be the end of it. Lord knows what direct mail drops will be "under the radar" in Iowa over the next couple of weeks.

Sigh...'tis the season.

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