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Hack a Huck (Updated)


Speaking of negative campaign tactics, it looks as if Hugh Hewitt isn't the only guy stumping for Mitt Romney these days. GreenMountainPolitics1 notes the irony:

And while we marvel at the power of Matt Drudge - and the incredible soapbox that he has built - we do understand that Drudge has a dog in the GOP's '08 Primary fight.

Which means that you take his pro-Romney headlines with a big grain of salt.

Which means that Mr. Drudge doesn't have the media juice that he once did.

Which means that Drudge isn't driving MSM political stories the way he once was (which is where his real power always lay).

Which lessens the Florida resident's impact on Iowa/New Hampshire/South Carolina voters.

A lot.

We're just saying.

Jonathan Martin has more, arguing that this stinks of "Mitt desperation" to those who can see through the, uh, Drudgery of it all.


Dan Riehl has no sympathy for "Aw-shucks-abee."


It's like clockwork at this point.

And I'm a bit confused by this supposed "hold all fire" rumor coming (again, supposedly) from the DNC. As Allah already noted, it would've made little sense for the DNC to exhaust money and resources on Huckabee up to this point. Is the DNC "holding fire" on Duncan Hunter? How about Alan Keyes?

Huckabee is clearly a factor in Iowa now, so we'll see if this Drudge story has any truthiness to it. But why should the DNC go after Huckabee? Drudge and Hewitt are doing it for them! Conservative bloggers, say what you want about the Netroots, but they at least aspire for discipline. You'll often see the "don't use Right-Wing talking points against other Democrats" meme floated around the blogosphere, and now you can see why. The big winner may be the DNC, which comes out looking rather influential here in a Republican nomination process.


DNC denies it.

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