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Cheryl Rofer of WhirledView has a pretty neat idea. She has invited bloggers of all political persuasion--open invitation--to weigh in on American nuclear policy. Not content to leave this topic to the Foregin Policy Community, she thinks bloggers can contribute valuable ideas and positions on this issue. Here are the rules:

Each blogger writes a post on what the US's nuclear policy should be on her/his own blog. Then please notify me by e-mail or a comment on this post.

I have e-mailed some folks I would like to have participate, but everyone is welcome to join. Invite your blogfriends. I would like to have participants who represent a range of political opinion.

Commenters are encouraged to contribute as well, both here and on other participating blogs.

On Friday, 12/28, I will summarize the arguments, emphasizing novel ideas and points of agreement and disagreement.

Bloggers will then write another round of posts, trying to move to consensus positions.

I will then summarize again on Friday, 1/4. At that point, I think we're going to be close to agreement on most of the big points.

Dave Schuler and Michael van der Galien have already chimed in. Check it out.

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