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Tom DeLay Is The Laughing Stock Of Britain

Remember Tom DeLay? In the latest edition of "can he be serious?" I present to you a recent quote by the former House majority leader:

By the way, there's no one denied health care in America. There are 47 million people who don't have health insurance, but no American is denied health care in America.

Think Progress takes a look at the outlandish claim. DeLay was so far off the mark that the audience probably couldn't tell whether he was joking or not:

The audience, understandably, greeted DeLay's preposterous claims with "derisive laughter," according to the AP. A recent report showed that for the sixth straight year, jobholders continued to see a decline in employer-provided health insurance, with 38 states seeing "significant" drops in benefits offered by employers.

Observers estimate that anywhere from one to 18 percent of Americans are denied health insurance because of pre-existing health conditions. These conditions can range from heart disease to high cholesterol to yeast infections to being too skinny.

Wonkette chimes in and adds her chuckle to the chorus of laughter as well.

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