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Ron Paul: Fundraiser-In-Chief

Ron Paul is becoming more than just a thorn in the side of Republicans. Much has been made of the libertarian Republican's online support, but today's events top them all. In a span of twenty-four hours Ron Paul smashed the Republican record and raised a whopping $4.2 million. As QandO points out, Paul will certainly 'Remember The Fifth of November.'

What exactly does this mean for the Paul campaign? For one, it means he has a ton of serious, serious cash to spend. What will be interesting is whether he spends it trying to actually compete in the crowded primary field or will perhaps save it for a rumored third party run. But can this quirky, IRS-hating Republicans actually compete in the primaries? Chances are very good that he wont win, but look for him to finish third or even second place in a number of states. Take New Hampshire for example: a poll from a couple of weeks ago showed Paul in fourth place with 7% of the vote. And that's before he even hit the television airwaves. Who knows, a very strong finish in the Granite State may give him some considerable legitimacy and momentum going into Super Tuesday.

Even Democrats are impressed. Jerome Armstrong urges that those candidates on his side of the aisle take a lesson or two from the Paul campaign when it comes to online organizing. Or they can just go on a field trip to the DNC and talk to Howard Dean.

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