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Feinstein To Be Censured?

California Democrats are getting fed up with Senator Diane Feinstein's votes and they're about to hold her feet to the fire. Their qualms include:

-Voted in favor of Bush's FISA bill

-Passed the bill containing immunity for telecoms out of the Rules Committee

-Condemned MoveOn for their "betrayal" advertisement

-Voted for Leslie Southwick to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

-Passed Hans Von Spakovsky, the "father of voter suppression" out of the Rules Committee

-Voted in favor of funding the Iraq war without conditions

-Authored a horrible voter "integrity" bill giving power over elections to the EAC made up of Bush appointees and confirming the power of corporations to own the secret counting of the votes

-Served as chairperson of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee which oversaw funding for her husband Richard C. Blum's many military (no-bid) contracts in the U.S., in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo

Short of supporting a primary opponent, the most embarrassing thing your supporters and party can do is censure you - and that's exactly what many progressives plan on asking the California Democratic Party to do this weekend. It looks like it's going to be a classic progressives vs. establishment battle with progressives wanting to keep their members in check and those in the establishment wanting to stay above the fray.

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