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Debate Redux

Chris Cillizza has a nice recap on last night's Democratic debate, and be sure to check out Reid's take on where this leaves the Dems now that the Nevada dust (or sand?) has settled.

I prefer to defer to these experts, but here are some quick thoughts:

* I think Joe Biden's "I KEEP IT REAL!" schtick is getting old.

* I think Wolf Blitzer should've asked the following hypothetical question: What if, aliens were to attack the United States and destroy most of the government. Would you THEN approve the use of nuclear weapons on American soil? Seriously, I'm glad the candidates (even Kucinich, NAFTA rant aside) rejected Blitzer's questioning. Obama made the best point, noting that this isn't about people coming to America to drive. It's about jobs, in addition to border security, and that's where the debate should be focused. Blitzer's hypothetical "but there is no immigration reform, and they're all driving cars, it's anarchy!" scenario was annoying.

* I don't, however, believe it's the business of CNN, or any political journalist, to coddle these candidates. No, hearing them talk about farm subsidies and solar panels would not make these things more interesting.

* I liked Chris Dodd's pragmatic interjection on elections in the Muslim world.

* When is Iowa again? These multi-candidate debates have exhausted their utility.

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