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Dodd and the Netroots

The Netroots may have their man.

A few months back, RCP's own Jeff Pyatt wrote about Hillary Clinton's subtle overtures to the Netroots, and how she carved out her niche in the blogosphere in order to atone for her previous errors in dealing with this influential activist group.

Seemingly absent of a flag bearer up to this point, Chris Dodd appears to be making his move. Just yesterday, he posted over at Huffington Post on his role as a senator, his obligation to the U.S. Constitution and why he's stalling the FISA bill. Today, he held a video chat/interview at FireDogLake, where he reaffirmed his position on these issues.

The video is well worth watching. Aside from its policy implications, it provides us a window into the course the Dodd campaign is taking. He's frustrated. He's determined. He's tieless. This guy is going to the mat for the Constitution, and he wants the Netroots behind him.

While other candidates invoke the name of Bobby Kennedy, Dodd hopes to fill the void he left behind. Glenn Greenwald explains:

The Democratic Party has gone from Robert Kennedy and Nicholas Katzenbach standing up eloquently and aggressively for the rule of law (h/t reader JF) -- even in the face of fear-mongering claims that undoing those mergers would cripple the economy -- to Jay Rockefeller plotting in secret for months with Dick Cheney as to how they can protect lawbreaking telecoms from the court battles they are losing and immunize them from the consequences of their criminal conduct in allowing warrantless spying for years on American citizens.

That steeply downward fall -- from Robert Kennedy and the rule of law to the Cheney/Rockefeller telecom amnesty deal -- illustrates so many things about what has happened to our country.

Senator Dodd's campaign has clearly noticed this frustration, and has decided to make their move for the Left-progressive base. Will it work?

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