October 2008

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Tough Year For Arizona GOP?

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl admitted in an interview last week that John McCain's chances of winning the presidency are not good. From the Arizona Daily Star:

During a visit to the Arizona Daily Star last week for an editorial board meeting, Kyl resurrected an old quote from Arizona Democrat Mo Udall, who ran for president in 1976 and famously quipped that Arizona is the only state in the union where a mother can't tell her son that he can grow up to be president.

"Unfortunately, I think John McCain might be added to that long list of Arizonans who ran for president but were never elected," Kyl said, listing Republican Barry Goldwater, Udall and Democrat Bruce Babbitt. "Maybe, we'll be able to say Arizona's the only state where your child can't grow up to be president. Let's hope that doesn't happen," the Republican added.

"If it's not John McCain, it'll be another Arizonan someday," said Kyl.

A McCain loss might not be the only setback on Election Day for the Arizona Republican Party. Many believe Republicans could lose two U.S. House seats to Democrats (they'll almost certainly lose one), giving the Dems a majority in the delegation. The delegation is currently split with four Democrats and four Republicans. From the New York Times:

Few doubt that Mr. McCain will win Arizona's 10 electoral votes. But less clear is whether he will have the coattails to rescue his party from Democratic advances in the state.

Democrats -- and privately, some leading Republicans -- say they believe that the Democrats can pick up one and possibly two Congressional seats now held by Republicans. That would give them a majority of Arizona's Congressional delegation -- now with eight members -- for the first time since 1966.