October 2008

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The Morning Report

In the Headlines

"Obama stresses unity, change" (Mike Dorning, Chicago Tribune) - In a speech promoted as his closing argument, Democrat Barack Obama came to a struggling industrial town in northern Ohio to join criticism of the Republican Party's record on bread-and-butter issues with the soaring themes of hope, unity and common purpose that have propelled Obama's political rise since he debuted on the national stage.

"McCain tackles Obama on plan to 'spread the wealth'" (Maeve Reston and Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times) - Addressing a boisterous crowd in eastern Pennsylvania, John McCain said Monday that Barack Obama wanted to be "Redistributionist in Chief," putting a new twist on his warning that the Democrat intends to "spread the wealth around," as he told Joe the Plumber.

"Obama ads overwhelm TV presence of McCain" (Fredreka Schouten, USA Today) - Democrat Barack Obama, who is on track to spend a record $230 million on television advertising, will punctuate his broadcast strategy Wednesday with prime-time commercials on CBS, NBC and Fox.

"McCain needs to win left-leaning Florida" (Jonathan Martin, The Politico) - Florida and its 27 electoral votes are essential to John McCain's hopes of winning the presidency -- but with a week until the election even some Republicans in the state say it is tilting toward Barack Obama.

On the Morning Shows

Early Show - Ed Rendell on race influencing voters: "I don't think it'll be a factor, I think the economy has trumped it."

Tom Ridge: "If you take a look at Pennsylvania, they don't' drive their cars in the far left lane. Obama is farther to the left than some in his own party. The job is to create wealth, not to share it or redistribute it."

Fox and Friends - Rudy Giuliani: "I was with small business people, I wish I could explain how they feel about Obama. Look at his voting record. 90 or 100 times he's voted to raise taxes or not cut taxes. It's Barack Obama who used the words 'spread the wealth'. Joe the Plumber got him to say that, no one put those words in his mouth."

From Late Night


(Greg Bobrinskoy contributed to the Morning Report.)