October 2008

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The Morning Report

In the Headlines

"McCain kicks off 'Joe the Plumber' Tour" (Lisa Lerer, The Politico) - John McCain stopped at a series of small businesses along central Florida's I-4 corridor on Thursday, hoping to win-over economically-anxious voters with a bus tour through one of the Sunshine State's most buffeted and hotly contested regions.

"Obama, McCain Tax Plans Dominate War of Words" (Christi Parsons, Chicago Tribune) - Democrat Barack Obama on Thursday accused his Republican rival of putting corporations ahead of workers by offering tax cuts even to companies that move jobs overseas. John McCain accused Obama of endangering American jobs with a tax plan that the Republican candidate says would hinder economic expansion with its disregard for small business owners.

"Polls Show Tightening Race in Florida" (Elizabeth Holmes, Wall Street Journal) - Amid an increasingly dark electoral map, John McCain has found a bright spot in Florida, where polls show him catching up to Barack Obama.

"Obama's fundraising drops as McCain's cash dwindles" (Jim Kuhnhenn, AP) - Barack Obama and John McCain enter the final days of the presidential campaign amid dwindling reserves, with Obama hindered by a sudden drop in fundraising and McCain restrained by spending limits.

On the Morning Shows

Fox and Friends -- Joe Lieberman, on whether he agrees with McCain's tax proposals: "I do right now, because of the recession. ... I'm totally with McCain on this: Joe the Plumber is obviously not a rich guy. He's a hard-working, middle-guy, who like most middle-class people, wants to be rich."

On the polls and where the race is headed: "[Voters] look at the two candidates and say, wow, Obama's smart and well-spoken, but no resume, no record of accomplishment, no record of working across party lines to get things done, which is what we need in the next president, which is why it's going to move back to McCain."