October 2008

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Star-Tribune Endorses Coleman

Turning quickly to one of the most closely-watched Senate races, today the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has endorsed Sen. Norm Coleman over his challenger comedian Al Franken:

Count this newspaper among the Minnesota voices that long for a lessening of partisan polarization and a return to constructive problem-solving in Washington. If demonization of the partisan opposition continues to be the political coin of this realm, effectiveness of American democracy will be diminished.

Independent judgment, exercised on behalf of the best interests of the country and state, is what we hope to see from our U.S. senators. With that hope in mind, this newspaper recommends the reelection of Republican U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman.

Curiously, the Star-Tribune never mentions Franken by name.

In any case, if endorsements matter, this one is noteworthy since the Star-Tribune isn't exactly a GOP house organ. Currently, Franken holds a 2.6-point lead over Coleman in the RCP Avg.