October 2008

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Senator Ted Stevens Guilty

On all seven counts of lying on his financial disclosure forms.

Stevens may have lost this race anyway, but it's now probably safe to say Mark Begich will be going to Washington as Alaska's new Senator.

UPDATE: From McClatchy:

Stevens, who was indicted in late July, sought an early trial date, gambling that he'd face voters as an innocent man. Even without the conviction, though, in order to re-elect Stevens, voters would have to overlook four weeks of testimony that exposed some of the senator's innermost financial and personal secrets.

The guilty verdict will complicate not only his re-election bid but also the remainder of his term in the Senate. His colleagues have the option _ never exercised _ of voting to expel him before his term ends in January. Four U.S. senators have been convicted of crimes, historians note, but not one has received a presidential pardon.

UPDATE II: Chris Cillizza reports:

The Alaska Democratic Party immediately called for Stevens' resignation. "Senator Stevens' felony convictions are very serious and he should immediately resign from the United States Senate," said Patti Higgins, the chairwoman of the Alaska Democratic Party. "He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway and lied to Alaskans about it. Alaskans deserve better from their public officials."