October 2008

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MS Senate Race: Dirty

In the competitive special election race in Mississippi to fill Republican Trent Lott's Senate seat for the next four years, appointed Sen. Roger Wicker (R) and former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove (D) -- roommates while in the state Senate -- have engaged in what the Clarion Ledger calls "one of the most spirited and, unfortunately, dirty campaigns in some time."

This editorial from the Ledger ultimately endorses Musgrove, but makes sure to point out how muddy the campaign has gotten:

Interim-Sen. Roger Wicker, a Republican, faces former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove for that coveted position and it has created one of the most spirited and, unfortunately, dirty campaigns in some time.

Due to the tsunami of attack ads by the national parties and outside interests, it's difficult to see past the mud and find out who voters should choose in this important post.

Honestly, can anyone put credibility in the cartoonish ads showing Musgrove's campaign getting cash from a person made up to look like a cow? Or that Wicker would vote himself a raise nine times? Both are exaggerations that say nothing of substance. (Musgrove was governor during the beef plant debacle; Wicker didn't vote against raises that were set automatically.)

While the ballot will not show party identification since it is a special election, it's doubtful many voters can miss it. It is very partisan.

From a Ledger cartoon today:

MS Senate toon.jpg