October 2008

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McCain Camp Hits Obama For Raising Taxes

On a conference call with reporters today, the McCain campaign continued to attack the Obama campaign for what it perceives as confusion over at what salarly-level Sen. Obama would raise taxes.

Explaining that over the weekend the Obama campaign released an ad putting the cap at $200,000, followed yesterday by Joe Biden seemingly lowering it to $150,000 yesterday, McCain senior adviser Doug Holtz-Eakin said that the "bottom line is that the Obama-Biden ticket wants to raise taxes."

The Obama campaign has clarified that those making under $200,000 would see a tax cut while those making under $250,000 would not see a tax increase.

Also on the call was former Housing Secretary Jack Kemp, who said he didn't know "an economist around the globe, and I don't know of an economic theory, left, right or center, that allows for a tax increase during a recession."

"It is a disgrace to call for America to be competitive in the global economy and turnaround and tax corporations in Virginia or Michigan," said Kemp. "This is not a battle over tax cuts; it is a battle over how to keep this economy from going further into a recession and to get restoration of the American dream."