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December 31, 2007

Where's the Love for Mitt?

While I'm in the question-asking mood, let's talk about this post from Paul Mirengoff at Powerline yesterday complaining about the potential influence of liberal leaning newspapers like the Concord Monitor and Boston Globe for slamming Mitt Romney and endorsing John McCain. Mirengoff wrote:

It's extraordinary that these left-leaning organs might actually play a role in the selection of the Republican nominee. But that's the natural consequence of (a) New Hampshire's status as the first primary state and (b) the fact that non-Republicans can vote in that primary.

Paul goes on to say that unless Romney gets routed by McCain in New Hampshire, "Republicans should not view the result as a repudiation of the former Massachusetts governor by "those who know him well."

Nobody disputes that the Concord Monitor and Boston Globe are liberal papers. However, it seems to me the more interesting question is why the New Hampshire Union Leader and the Boston Herald, two decidedly conservative papers that would appear to be surefire supporters of the former Massachusetts Governor and indeed "know him well," have also slammed Romney and endorsed McCain.

Maybe there are histories and personal feuds dating back to his time as Governor that explain the animus towards him by these conservative papers, but it also seems clear that while the Republican field seems mostly congenial towards each other, they all appear to share a visceral dislike of Romney. This doesn't seem to be coincidence, and it can't be explained away by jealousy or by Romney's position in the polls.