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Where Will the Sports PC Busybodies Stop?

First the NCAA took Chief Illiniwek's scalp after 81 years of being the U of I's mascot. Of course, in some corners this capitulation to political correctness is being hailed as an important sign of progress and a step toward bagging even bigger game:

Critics of Indian nicknames for athletic teams - whether high school, college or professional - say such nicknames are a racial stereotype, and demeaning and insulting to Native Americans.

We agree. And we can't think of a nickname more demeaning that the NFL's Washington Redskins.

If that isn't bad enough, now comes word that the PC busybodies in Washington state have come up with what could be the dumbest idea in history:

The organization that oversees high school sports in Washington is considering rules for fans that could ban booing and offensive chants.

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has not made an official ruling, but has discussed guidelines to crack down on negative conduct, a spokesman said.

Some of the state's top coaches believe a boo ban is extreme.

"They're kidding, right?" asked Rainier Beach High School boys basketball coach Mike Bethea, who played as a student at Franklin High School. "I can see stopping someone if they're saying derogatory remarks, but not letting people boo? Come on."

The sportsmanship guidelines are meant to address the dwindling number of people who want to be coaches and officials. Association officials also say they remind fans to cheer for their team, and not against the other.

"I don't know why people think it's acceptable to boo in the first place," WIAA Executive Director Mike Colbrese said. "It's a pretty novel concept to me."

Booing is a novel concept? Please. In some stadiums around the country booing is considered an art form - not to mention if they outlawed booing they'd have to shut down all the sports franchises in New York and Philadelphia permanently. Where do people come up with this stuff?