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The Hagel Boomlet

It's officially a boomlet:

Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg: "Long-Shot Hagel May Be Republicans' Best Bet"

Brett Arends of the Boston Herald: "Hagel's the Only Real Right Stuff"

And here is a link to video of the man himself, discussing the possibility of jumping into the 2008 race. Here's an interesting exchange with the interviewer:

Q: Would you give any consideration to running as an Independent?

HAGEL: Well, if I seek the Presidency, I would seek it as a Republican. Where all this is going to go and how it ends up next year, whether that's possible for an Independent to be elected President, maybe. Maybe it would be. But, right now, I'd be focused on seeking the Republican nomination.

This follows on the heels of Hagel's interview with Kathy Keily in USA Today on Monday in which she reported he was "talking up Unity '08" as an "intriguing enterprise."

Very coy. If many Republicans don't like Hagel now, how would they feel about a 2008 race that included him as an Independent?