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New Time Poll

Time is out with a new poll which mirrors the trend of the WaPo poll released this week. On the Dem side that trend, in a nut shell, is this: Hillary down a bit but still leading, Obama rising, Edwards flat, and Gore with a bit of a pre-Oscar publicity bump:

Clinton 36 (-4 from Jan poll)
Obama 24 (+3)
Gore 13 (+4)
Edwards 11 (n/c)

Overall, Hillary's lead in the RCP Average is now down to just over double digits (10.7%) - a noticeable drop in the last couple of weeks.

On the Republican side, Rudy Giuliani, after gaining 10 points in the Washington Post post to extend his lead over McCain to 23 points, picks up an astonishing 24 points in the new Time survey. Add in McCain's drop this time and you have a ridiculous 31-point net swing in the Time poll over the last four weeks:

Giuliani 50 (+24)
McCain 33 (-7)
Gingrich 12 (-2)
Romney 7 (+2)

The cumulative effect of these polls has Giuliani busting out to an 18.7% lead in the RCP Average.