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Hagel's Road Less Traveled

When Frost found himself at the crossroads, he took the road less traveled. And that, he said, made all the difference. When Sen. Chuck Hagel finds himself at the crossroads, he calls a press conference.

"America stands at an historic crossroads in its history. It is against this backdrop that I find myself at my own crossroads on my political future. Burdened by two wars, faced with dangerous new threats and global uncertainty, beset by serious long-term domestic problems and divided by raw political partisanship-America now reaches for a national consensus of purpose."

Wait for it; wait for it...

"I am here today to announce that my family and I will make a decision on my political future later this year."

One doesn't have to follow Frost's advice and take the road less traveled, but, man, if you're going to call a press conference, make a decision.