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Blogger in Chief

Governor Mike Huckabee is blogging. Here's a clip from one of his most recent posts:

There will be an unprecedented number of people running for President. Many will boast of raising bigger money. We will focus on raising bigger ideas.

Some will proudly display their celebrity endorsements. We will focus on sincere and ordinary citizens who are willing to endure a long road ahead.

Already, some of those seeking the office have changed their positions on major issues more often than a baby changes sleeping positions in a crib. I will not waver from being the same, consistent conservative, pro-life, pro-family advocate who believes that government shouldn't rob its citizens with excessive taxes, unnecessary regulation, frivolous litigation, and the resulting job migration from our shores to China, Mexico, or India.

I'll have to more to say about Governor Huckabee in the near future. I'll be joining him on the campaign trail next week in New Hampshire.