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Rudy's Slow Roll

In what might be the slowest roll out in Presidential history, Rudy Giuliani announced - yet again - on Larry King last night that he's running for President. But he did it in classic Rudy style, which is why you can't help but like the guy:

KING: Are you running or not?

GIULIANI: Yes, I'm running. Sure.

KING: Oh, you are. Have you -- when would you -- do you make an official announcement or is this it -- here, right now?

GIULIANI: I guess you do...

KING: You just said, "I'm running."

GIULIANI: I guess you do one of these things where you do it four times or five times in a day so that I can, you know, get on your show and about five others.

KING: So you're running?

GIULIANI: Yes, I'm running.

Giuliani goes on to discuss his position on abortion, gay marriage, gun control, and Iraq. Though I didn't watch the show, my impression from the transcript is that he handled them all fairly well.