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Hillary's Lead Down to Only 5 Pts?

Rasmussen Reports has new poll out on the 2008 Democratic field that has Hillary Clinton's lead down to a scant 5 points over Barack Obama -- 28% vs. 23%. That is by far the smallest lead for Senator Clinton to date, though a single election day poll by McLaughlin & Associates (R) had similar results (27% - 21%). Otherwise, all of the post-election presidential polling has shown Clinton with leads ranging from 11% (Gallup) to 28% (FOX News).

The latest National RCP Average of the Democratic field gives Senator Clinton a solid 17-point lead over Senator Obama. Edwards and Gore run third and fourth at 12.5% and 9.8% respectively.

In Iowa, Edwards runs particularly strong and trails Clinton by 2 ½ points in the latest RCP Average 24.7% vs. 22.3%. Obama comes in third at 16.3%.

The New Hampshire numbers are closer to the national polls and currently show Clinton with a 13-point lead over Obama, and a 19-point lead over Edwards in the latest New Hampshire RCP Average (Clinton 35.3%, Obama 22.0%, Edwards 16.3%).