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Bad News for Romney

This story from Romney's home town Boston Herald, on the back of his big pro-tax cut speech to the Detroit Economic Club yesterday, is exactly the kind of news the former Massachusetts's governor does not need at this stage in his campaign.

After refusing to endorse President Bush's tax cuts when he was governor, Mitt Romney has now made them a central part of his presidential campaign, stirring accusations that he is changing his position to appeal to GOP primary voters. In 2003, Romney stunned a roomful of Bay State congressmen by telling them that he would not publicly support Bush's tax cuts, which at the time formed the centerpiece of the president's domestic agenda. He even said he was open to a federal gas tax hike.

This report flies directly in the face of Romney's economic address yesterday, and subsequent interview on CNBC with Larry Kudlow, and is only going to reinforce a building image of an overly ambitious man who is a serial flip-flopper on core issues.