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An Armey of One

Dick Armey covers a remarkable bit of ground in this brief interview with Dave Montgomery of McClatchy Newspapers. In between rapping Tom Delay, George Bush and himself over voting for the Iraq war resolution, Armey manages to analyze the 2008 race:

Q: Who's going to be president? Who's going to win?

A: If you said right now, Dick Armey, put your money on a horse that's in the race, I'd put my money on Hillary. She will be whoever you want her to be. She's a skillful, able politician. Her husband could go in and screw it up in a day. She's walking around with a ton of dynamite in her hip pocket.

Q: I assume you wouldn't vote for her though.

A: Of course I wouldn't vote for her. Betting on a horse to win doesn't mean you want to buy the horse.