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The Hillary Killer?

Glenn Thrush of Newsday says Hillary's folks are watching Obama closely:

Clinton's allies, donors and operatives have always known that the charisma-dripping Democrat from Illinois was toying with a presidential run. But Obama's refusal to rule out a White House campaign sends shudders through the Clinton camp.

"They were in a tizzy about the possibility of Al Gore running, they were in a tizzy about Mark Warner and now they're in a tizzy about Barack Obama," said a Democratic operative with ties to Clinton.

Personally, I think Hillary might secretly relish a slug fest with Al Gore. Obama is a different matter. I have never seen anyone get such universal, sustained adulation by the media (David Brooks joins in this morning).

My favorite quote is by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, and it's as true today as it was when he wrote it eight months ago:

"As far as the media are concerned, Obama walks on water. If he ever develops gas and burps, half the nation's newspapers will run front-page stories declaring his breath to be lavender. The other half will declare it to be peach. CNN's Wolf Blitzer will shout that it's a combination of the best peach and the best lavender."

Brilliant. And true.