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Olbermann's Rant

I just watched the Olbermann video that Tom posted yesterday. It is simply stunning in its intellectual cluelessness and dishonesty. In what has to be the most bizarre attempt at an analogy with the 1930's I have ever seen, Olbermann tries to make the case that the "cowboy," "unilateralist," and "war-mongering" Bush administration is really the equivalent of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement government in the 1930's. His Chamberlain analogy is historical malpractice of the highest magnitude. Just stunning. Does Olbermann really think Americans are that stupid?

There are plenty of rational criticisms to be made of President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld's policy on the war. Senator Joseph Biden wrote a fair and very reasoned op-ed in last Thursday's Washington Post. George Will has been a vocal critic on one corner of the right. Bill Kristol and John McCain are no fans of Rumsfeld's stewardship. But unlike Olbermann, they all make real arguments and offer alternatives, and thus can be taken seriously. Keith Olbermann can not.