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NH-1: Bradley Gets a Gift

John DiStaso of the New Hampshire Union-Leader reports that Tuesday's upset of Jim Craig by antiwar activist Carol Shea-Porter in the Democratic primary for the 1st Congressional district has Jeb Bradley smiling, and breathing easier.

How did Shea-Porter pull off the shocker? She organized and earned votes the old fashioned New Hampshire way by going door-to-door. But DiStaso speculates on other factors that contributed to Craig's demise:

Shea-Porter may be a great organizer, but she recognizes that to compete as the nominee, she needs big bucks quickly. She doesn't have them now.

She shouldn't look to the DCCC, said state Democratic Chair Kathy Sullivan.

"I don't expect there will be money coming in from the DNC or the DCCC or affiliate groups now, because they traditionally get involved only if the candidate has a significant amount of money," she said, "and Carol has chosen to run a more grassroots campaign as opposed to spending time doing fundraising.

"I'd love to see them come in now," said Sullivan, who wasn't at all happy that the DCCC got involved in the primary. "I don't expect it, though."

Sullivan said the DCCC virtually dropped Craig a while back. Officials there touted him early and talked about putting him on the lucrative "red to blue" list. He never made it.

The bottom line? Sullivan put it bluntly.

"The DCCC getting involved in this primary was a mistake. It hurt Jim Craig. I think New Hampshire is still the kind of place where people don't like outsiders trying to tell us what to do."

And then there's the Presidential primary flap.

Although the DCCC and the Democratic National Committee are separate, they are affiliated. So, when you have the Washington-types at the DNC trashing New Hampshire and demoting its precious event to second-class status, there's going to be a backlash.

Just maybe Jim Craig was victimized by that, too.

It's not any one thing. But put it all together, and you have the makings of an upset.