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MN-5: Ellison Gets A Pass

Andrea Stone blows a kiss to DFLer Keith Ellison in USA Today this morning. Here's the only hint of scrutiny in the column:

Ellison says he never brought up his religion or his race -- he would be Minnesota's first black member of Congress -- during the campaign. Voters did, however, ask about his position, as a Muslim, on Israel, the separation of church and state, abortion rights and gay rights. He says he supports them all.

Ellison had a tougher time explaining revelations about late campaign-finance reports, unpaid parking tickets and a suspended driver's license. More controversial were his ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Ellison worked with his group as an organizer of 1995's Million Man March.

So there you have it.

Meanwhile, Ellison's opponent, moderate Republican Alan Fine, said yesterday that Ellison is unfit to represent Minnesota's 5th district. Fine went on to say he is "offended as a Jew that we have a candidate like this running for U.S. Congress."