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Counting the Ways

Time for another installment of the "why Democrats don't like Hillary Clinton" series. This time, David Lightman of the Hartford Courant goes to a barbecue in Iowa and gathers up every conceivable negative reaction and/or objection to Hillary. Here's a sampling of Lightman's tour de force:

- "She has too much political baggage"

- "She's too divisive"

- "She's been too much of a lightning rod for a very long time"

- "She's just not the straight talker we'd like to see"

- "The country just isn't ready for a female president"

- "She hasn't taken enough tough stands"

- "She doesn't have a lot of credibility with a lot of people"

Yeah, yeah. We'll see how Democrats feel six months from now after Hillary (and Bill) have actually spent some time campaigning in Iowa - if she decides to run at all, that is.