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The Mysterious Disappearance of Joe2006.com

Michael Cooper at the New York Times' blog - that's right, the NYT has a blog called "The Empire Zone" - conducted a phone interview with Joe Lieberman's Internet consultant, Dan Geary, to try and get to the bottom of the dispute over the mysterious disappearance of the Lieberman campaign web site, www.joe2006.com. Geary told Cooper:

"Midmorning yesterday, a very rapid, instant number of server queries to the site -- not just traffic to the site -- completely disabled our network,'' he said. "It's like trying to drink from a fire hose.''

Mr. Geary said that the attack had disabled the campaign's e-mail. He said he has had to redirect the site's traffic to another one of his servers.

"It's a really dark day,'' he said. "I'm a huge fan to how the Internet has really opened up the process.'' Now, he said, campaigns will have to focus on online security.

Meanwhile, lefty bloggers like Kos are still claiming the Lieberman camp is lying and that it was a combination of cheap and incompetent web hosting and not a DOS attack that crashed Lieberman's site. What a bizarre, quirky ending to a rollercoaster campaign.

UPDATE: TRex at lefty blog Firedoglake goes even further, suggesting that Lieberman crashed his own web site so they could blame it on Lamont and use it as the basis to challenge the results of the election. But Lieberman's camp has already responded that they don't plan to challenge the results.

UPDATE II: Matt Stoller at MyDD has more, including this rather humiliating correction:

It looks like this could be simple incompetence on the Lieberman campaign's part. They aren't apparently running a load-balancer or a firewall. In case you're wondering, Dan Geary is the web genius at Dewey Square who is in charge of hosting Joe2006.com. I've written about Dewey Square before. Now aside from corporate lobbying and campaign work, they are Beltway screw-up artists extraordinaire, apparently. Someone from Dewey Square confirmed to me that Geary doesn't work for them and never has. My apologies.