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The London Plot: Real After All!

So, now that British authorities have charged 11 people and "uncovered large caches of bomb-making components as well as 'martyrdom' tapes of the type often prepared by Islamic suicide bombers before they attack," does Andrew Sullivan want to walk back his speculation last week that there was no London bomb plot or that it wasn't "imminent"?

I'm a Sullivan fan, which I know isn't fashionable in conservative circles these days. But Bush hatred can become pathological. (I should know: I take three separate medications every day to ward it off myself.)

While we don't know exactly what role torture-induced Pakistani intelligence played, I think even torture opponents have to have the intellectual honesty to admit that sometimes it works. There may be moral reasons not to torture, the intelligence may be less reliable than through other methods, but to pretend that everything's simple -- because, hey, who needs to argue about torture if it doesn't even work! -- is just intellectually dishonest.

It looks to me as if this plot was imminent by any reasonable definition -- i.e., it could have gone off within days or a week of the arrests -- and torture may have played a role in stopping it. I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise. But I don't think either scenario disproves or proves the usefulness of torture.