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Skeptical Conservatives

Heather MacDonald sounds more than a bit like Andrew Sullivan in defending "skeptical" conservatives in The American Conservative:

Skeptical conservatives--one of the Right's less celebrated subcultures--are conservatives because of their skepticism, not in spite of it. They ground their ideas in rational thinking and (nonreligious) moral argument. And the conservative movement is crippling itself by leaning too heavily on religion to the exclusion of these temperamentally compatible allies.

Conservative atheists and agnostics support traditional American values. They believe in personal responsibility, self-reliance, and deferred gratification as the bedrock virtues of a prosperous society.

But, then she adds this: "They view marriage between a man and a woman as the surest way to raise stable, law-abiding children."

I'm not sure where opposition to gay marriage fits in as an intrinsic part of non-religion-based conservatism.

Still, the article is worth a read.