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Lieberman Concedes

Joe Lieberman concedes to Ned Lamont. (It's looking like a 4 point margin.)

At the same time, Lieberman leaves pretty much zero doubt that he will be running as an independent.

"As I see it, in this campaign, we've just finished the first half, and the Lamont team is ahead," Lieberman said. "But, in the second half, our team, team Connecticut, is going to surge forward to victory in November."

TOM ADDS: Lieberman's speech sounded as much like a victory speech as Lamont's. Looks like Chris Dodd had the shortest job in the history of politics trying to talk Lieberman out of an independent run. I also liked the jab about the web site being hacked. That'll be sure to send the nutroots into a foamy-mouth rage as the campaign enters another 90 days worth of craziness. Lieberman-Lamont is the gift that just keeps on giving.....