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Fallows Responds

Yesterday, I mentioned James Fallows's piece on "Declaring Victory" in the last issue of The Atlantic. Particularly, I asked how it held up in light of yesterday's news.

Well, now Fallows himself has weighed in with a free piece on The Atlantic's Web site.

A choice passage:

Immediately after news of the arrests broke, President Bush took the opportunity to remind the country that it was "at war with Islamic fascists." No such reminder came from the British authorities, who had actually broken the plot. This is consistent with Britain's response after the subway bombings one year ago, when the government, press, and public prided themselves on the speed with which life returned to normal - while the police and intelligence agencies hunted down the responsible parties. It is also consistent with the argument that an open-ended state of war has become a major handicap in the long-term effort to penetrate potential terrorist cells, dry up their supply of recruits, and deny them shelter and support from other Muslims.

It's a difference in approaches well worth noting.