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A 2006 Wave

A Washington Post-ABC News poll finds an anti-incumbent wave building in America akin to that in 1994.

The key finding:

Especially worrisome for members of Congress is that the proportion of Americans who approve of their own representative's performance has fallen sharply. Traditionally, voters may express disapproval of Congress as a whole but still vote for their own member, even from the majority party. But 55 percent now approve of their lawmaker, a seven-percentage-point drop over three months and the lowest such finding since 1994, the last time control of the House switched parties.

The "own representative" number is the key. It doesn't mean the Democrats will take over. But it's far more meaningful than numbers on general disapproval of Congress or general party preference.

There's still no major uptick in affection for the Democrats, though, and that may prove the GOP's saving grace -- once again.