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'You're a Traitor, Joe!'

Rick Klein of the The Boston Globe reports that some loveable lefties were out under the Democratic party's "big tent" yesterday in Connecticut celebrating the Fourth of July:

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman was smiling past the hecklers yesterday in this town's massive Independence Day parade. ``Shame on you!" one yelled. ``War-monger!" screamed another. ``You're a traitor, Joe!" came a third voice.

A traitor? Because he supports the policy of the United States government in Iraq? Eating one's own is not pretty business.

Joel Connelly, a reliably liberal columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, debunks the idea that Lieberman is a Bush stooge by running down a list of Lieberman's accomplishments, and then asks:

Does his inflexibility on Iraq cancel out or diminish Lieberman's contributions in a host of fields ranging from the environment to human rights?

Is the Democratic Party a tent big enough that it can still hold those who want the United States to proactively confront tyrants, a tradition dating to FDR and Hitler?

We'll know for sure on August 8, but it's looking increasingly like the answer to that last question is either "no" or "just barely."

Meanwhile, in The Hill Jonathan E. Kaplan looks at how Lieberman's potential run as an independent may affect Dems challenging in House races in Connecticut.