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Winning the Yard-Sign War in CT

Kevin Rennie says Lamont is crushing Lieberman in the yard-sign war:

Connecticut politicians love lawn signs. And they are everywhere for Lamont. The Lieberman campaign woke up recently to find itself badly behind in the anecdotal war over how many signs each side could plant. His campaign had to deploy majordomo and longtime aide Sherry Brown to gin up the lawn sign effort. It was a sign of the parlous state of his campaign that Brown made calls and delivered individual signs to supporters. Picture Susan Estrich stopping at your house in 1988 to stick a Dukakis sign in the grass. Dire is the word that comes to mind.

The Poliburo Diktat agrees with an anecdote of his own that provides a bit of additional texture to the depth of Lieberman's problems these days:

My dad lives near Manchester, Connecticut. While Connecticut is a blue state like its neighbors New York and Massachusetts, Manchester is an ordinary, middle-class, small American city. It's not Berkeley; it's not Ann Arbor. As we drove along Center Street Saturday evening, I counted six Lamont signs. None for Lieberman. One of my dad's neighbors, Walt T., is a long-time Democratic party regular, the type of guy who dabbles in town politics and writes letters to the editor of the local newspaper. He's not exactly a 20-something nutroots blogger. I was dismayed to see a Lamont lawn sign on Walt's lawn, too.