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Winning the Clown Primary

Both Chris Dodd and Joe Biden rev up their respective presidential juggernauts by calling to filibuster John Bolton. So what if there's an ongoing crisis in the Middle East or that the United States Secretary of State is overseas on a diplomatic mission?

Surprisingly, Dodd beats out Biden for the award of giving the most inane reason for blocking Bolton: "Many ambassadors at the U.N. feel that he hasn't done a good job there." Letting the opinions of ambassadors from places like Iran, Cuba, China and the rest dictate who our ambassador should be? Now that's a serious commitment to multilaterialism!

Presumably, President Dodd would submit his short list for ambassador to the UN Secretary General for approval, and also call for a recurring sixth month review to make sure that our ambassador's colleagues at the U.N. still approve of the job he or she is doing.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey with a late entrant into the clown primary.