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Will He or Won't He?

Welcome to the latest installment of Rudy: Will he or won't he?

In tonight's episode, we take a look at the most recent email dispatch to subscribers to his Solutions America PAC.

From the Desk of Rudy Giuliani

Dear Friend,

Thanks for joining my team. Your support is vital to our effort to ensure that America remains safe and prosperous well into the future. Twice a month, you'll be receiving an email update from Solutions America giving you updates on our progress, including information about candidates we're supporting and recent news items that may be of interest.

Independence Day is a time for reflecting on the blessings of being an American - the ability to live our lives in freedom. Leaders from the founding fathers to Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan have constantly sought to expand freedom here at home and around the world. The responsibilities and opportunities of our own time are no less great as we work to win the war on terror while handing our nation to the next generation better than it was given to us.

Candidate Update

As part of that effort, I've been traveling across our country to help strong Republican candidates succeed in November's midterm elections. Recently, I campaigned with David McSweeney, an energetic candidate for Congress in Illinois' 8th District. I also spent time with Jeff Lamberti, a candidate for Iowa's 3rd Congressional District who shares my belief that we must reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. They are among the GOP's best hopes to pick up seats in Congress this fall.

In the coming weeks, I'll be campaigning for Senator Mike Dewine of Ohio in Cleveland on July 10th and Senator Rick Santorum on July 11th in Pittsburgh.

I believe in optimism and playing offense as we approach the 2006 elections, and I encourage you to tell your friends about us and to consider making a contribution to Solutions America so that we can continue to support strong Republican candidates across the country.

In the News

The re-launch of Solutions America with its first fundraiser of the year sparked some discussion in the past month, as did recent speeches I gave on our nation's need for a diversified energy policy and increased school choice through vouchers, which I believe is a civil rights issue for our time. Some articles detailing these recent events can be reached below:

Giuliani and History

Peggy Noonan on Rudy and School Choice
Rudy Goes Nuclear
$2M Rudy is Life of the (Republican) Party

I look forward to sending out another update in two weeks. In meantime, enjoy the summer, stay civically involved, and thank you again for your support.


Rudy Giuliani

Aside from noting the appearance on behalf of Rick Santorum, I'll just point out that each of the articles linked at the end is about, or makes prominent mention of, Rudy's prospective 2008 presidential run.