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What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas

David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register has a bit of fun today ridiculing the Dems' recommendation to add Nevada as an early caucus state for 2008:

Iowa and New Hampshire should just shut up about this one. If Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee want to turn to the land of gamblers and brothels for an early test of their candidates' strengths, maybe it's best to let them go ahead. Few may take it seriously.

The party committee could have selected Arizona or New Mexico and created an event that would have posed a real threat to Iowa and New Hampshire. Instead, they chose Nevada.

It'll be fun watching the big-city folks in the national media taking the pulse of the "real America" from - Las Vegas.

"Brit, we're standing here outside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino interviewing likely caucus-goers as they head into tonight's Nevada caucuses. Excuse me, Ma'am, could I ask you what issues are most on your mind?"

"Taxes. All this withholding for people with cash incomes is a killer."

"And what do you do?"

"I'm a hooker. Want to go to a party?"

"Back to you, Brit."

Yepsen ends the column on a more serious note, however, suggesting that if candidates and the media start to "treat Nevada as a serious contest," local Dem officials in both Iowa and New Hampshire should move up dates of their respective contents into the first two weeks of January.