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War in Georgia

With the Georgia primary only one week away, things have gotten nasty in the Republican race for Lt. Governor between Casey Cagle and Ralph Reed. Cagle's new ad is brass knuckle tough, claiming Reed "sold out" conservative values, linking him not only to the Abramoff casino scandal but also to sweatshops in the Mariana Islands and throwing up the terms "forced abortions" and "child prostitution" next to Reed's picture. As Tom Baxter & Jim Galloway of the AJC's political insider say, "There's no shaking hands and wishing best of luck after a TV ad like this."

Reed's ads (viewable in the lower left corner of his website) have been tough as well, charging Cagle with a violation of ethics while on the State Senate Banking Committee and for supporting Kelo-style eminent domain seizures. Cagle rebuts the charges in both ads here.

Baxter and Galloway have two other interesting tidbits on this race. The first is audio of a phone call in support of Reed by Georgia Democratic warhorse Zell Miller. Miller says, "I've known Ralph for 26 years.....I know him and I trust him, and I wanted you to know, so can you."

The other tidbit is a new poll from Insider Advantage showing this race an absolute dead heat, with Reed and Cagle both winning 37% of the vote. Cagle is up from 27% and Reed up from 32% in IA's last survey.