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Two on '08

Two columns on the '08 Republican primary today.

One, uh, mine ... In the N.Y. Post today, I look at Rudy Giuliani's chances to win the nomination and dub him the frontrunner. It's not just the polling (though, I look at a lot of that, including polls that try to answer how much his social positions and marital problems will hurt him), it's talking to ground-level operatives in states like South Carolina.

Republicans have been emailing to tell me I'm delusional. But, instead, I'll share with you the thoughts of one Democratic friend: "Man, I hope he's not the GOP nominee ... he'll be tough to beat."

[Also, thanks to The Note for enlightening me as to what a push poll is. The phrase is in quotes, though, because those are the precise words the CEO of Strategic Vision used to describe the poll in question ... though, it's obviously not an actual push poll.

UPDATE: Good Lord, does no one understand sarcasm. I know what a push poll is. The CEO of the polling firm used the term tongue-in-cheek (because his poll pushed Rudy's and McCain's negatives so hard). I quoted him. That's it.]

Two, Rich Lowry's clearly delusional column on Newt Gingrich's chances in '08. He's right that Newt is popular with the base. But he's also clearly 100 percent, flat-out unelectable in the general election -- the story ends there. Lowry's right about one thing though: I hope he runs. He would be a great addition to the field. He'd keep the other candidates honest and make them grapple with actual ideas. It would be a doomed effort. But it would be refreshing.