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The Sound of Defeat

Katherine Harris' third campaign manager, Glenn Hodas, calls it quits: "It became unmanageable, unhealthy, uncontrollable." Bonus points for ripping a former boss with alliteration.

Hodas elaborated on the Harris horror show:

"I read the reports and I said 'There's no way all this stuff could be true.' But as time wore on, not only was it true but it was worse than reported," he said. He described "tantrums, micromanaging, an increasingly erratic behavior and counterproductive, damaging statements and activities." [snip]

Ed Rollins, a prominent political strategist who had served as President Reagan's political director and ran
Ross Perot's presidential campaign in 1992, also abandoned Harris' campaign.

He said Hodas' description was similar to what he had experienced.

"Everything is someone else's fault. If there's not a Starbucks coffee house within distance, it's someone else's fault," Rollins said. "After a while you say, 'Why am I putting up with this crap?'"

According to the AP, Harris says a new campaign manager "will be named shortly." Where in the world are they going to find anyone dumb enough to take that job?