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The Party of Science

Mark Warner has apparently been getting standing ovations on the pre-pre-campaign trail by promising "an administration that believes in science."

The theme has gotten an unexpected amount of traction. Perhaps that's why I received this email today:

Dear Ryan,

President Bush vetoed legislation yesterday -- his first ever use of the presidential veto -- that would help to unlock the potential of stem-cell research that could change the lives of millions of Americans with potentially curable diseases.

As with so many Americans, this issue is personal for me. I have a daughter with juvenile diabetes and a mother with Alzheimer's disease. These are among the host of diseases for which stem cell research could produce a cure.

In the Bush administration, politics has trumped science: on climate change, alternative energy research, and on medical advancement that could save lives. This country needs an administration that believes in science and brings hope to the many Americans and their families suffering from these horrible diseases. Please join me in asking Congress to overturn President Bush's veto. Sign the petition today.

Governor Mark R. Warner
Forward Together PAC

While I continue to think President Bush's veto was smart politics in the short term (2006), the "anti-science" label could be very damaging to the GOP in the long term. The fact is that most people know somebody suffering from a medical condition that embryonic stem-cell research might help treat or cure. And there are very few people who value a clump of cells -- whatever its theoretical moral status -- over the health and well-being of their parents or spouses or children.

There's a real theme between global warming, evolution and stem-cell research, and the Democrats shouldn't have too hard a time connecting the dots.