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The Case of the Missing Hellcat

Seattle PI columnist Joel Connelly pens a letter to DSCC Chairman Chuck Schumer complaining that Maria "Hellcat" Cantwell is MIA from her own Senate race:

With the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Michael Dukakis as notorious examples, Democrats waste away the summer and set the stage for losing in the fall.

Republicans have learned to use the dog days as a time to "define" both themselves and their opponents, a key step for later harvesting votes.

And that may be happening out here on the Left Coast.

Caught up with the opening act of the 23-day OpenMike tour Monday and watched our state's Republican Senate candidate, Mike McGavick, give an artful speech before about 65 Oak Harbor Republicans. [snip]

While listening, a major Democratic giver's e-mail last week came to mind: "I'm worried about Maria's campaign."

What campaign is that?

Connelly goes onto lament the clumsy, shopworn attacks on Republican Mike McGavick and the fact that Cantwell isn't out on the hustings. Connelly says Cantwell isn't "raising comfort levels with the home folks. We get only the old Schumer gambit of tightly controlled media events." Definitely read the whole thing.