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Political Video of the Day

Here's the YouTube version of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising video Tom discusses below.

It's titled: "A New Direction for America."

I generally agree with Tom's reaction. The GOP held its national convention in New York City in 2004 for a reason, to highlight 9/11. It left the party open to criticism that it was "exploiting 9/11." But 9/11 defines our modern era, so the criticism rang hollow.

For Democrats opposed to the Iraq war, the pictures of coffins symbolize the human toll they believe isn't justified by the mission in Iraq. We, as conservatives, are likely to disagree with this -- but it's a perfectly legitimate piece of political message-making.

Perhaps marginally more interesting is the odd series of numbers and letters -- 91108GOP -- under a picture of Tom DeLay (visible around second 24). What on earth is that doing there?

And, of course, the only spoken words in the entire video are from ... Bill Clinton: "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America."

Unfortunately for them, the same can't be said of the Democratic Party these days.