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Persian Perfidy - by Peter Brookes

Never underestimate Iran's treachery. As Hezbollah's "Sugar Daddy," Tehran is up to their necks in orchestrating war on Israel, using their terrorist toadies, Lebanon's Hezbollah.

It's all part of a deadly, devious plan to divert world attention from its nuclear weapons mischief--and hinder its referral back to the U.N. Security Council for possible punitive sanctions--by instigating a Middle East war.

Iran is completely mindful that its atomic aspirations are high on this weekend's G-8 summit agenda in St. Petersburg, Russia, too. Attention may, instead, turn to the Israel-Lebanon situation, getting Iran off the hotseat.

But perhaps more than anything else, Tehran doesn't want to miss an opportunity to remind Washington that it can make life much more complicated--and difficult--for American national interests, beyond its current support for the insurgency in Iraq, if it wants to.