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Election News & Notes

A few interesting notes from around the country:

PA Senate: Rick Santorum fights for the support of veterans, defends his record on the Iraq war. Meanwhile, the AP reports on some of the issues surrounding Santorum's struggle for support. In the money race, Santorum holds nearly a 2-1 advantage, with $9.5 million compared with $5.2 million for Casey. Check out the RCP Election '06 page on the Pennsylvania Senate race for more news, polling data, and analysis on this race.

CT Senate: David Lightman of the Hartford Courant's Washington Bureau examines Joe Lieberman's voting record and comes to the conclusion: "By the numbers, Joe Lieberman is a true, consistent Democrat."

Deborah Orin of the New York Post says Hillary is kinda sorta backing Lieberman and also that, "more independents are registering as Democrats, presumably to vote for him."

MN Senate: DFLer Amy Klobuchar outraised Republican Mark Kennedy last quarter, posting $1.8 million to Kennedy's $1.6 million. She still trails Kennedy in the cash on hand category by half a million bucks.

WA Senate: How much did it cost Maria Cantwell to buy off her antiwar primary opponent Mark Wilson? $8,000 bucks per month, which is just slightly less than she pays her campaign manager. The Cantwell campaign released a statement saying, "Mark's experience as a candidate, military veteran, Teamster, progressive activist and small businessman make him an ideal person for the Cantwell campaign's outreach director." It's getting more and more expensive to buy off the netroots these days.

MI Senate: Republicans Mike Bouchard and Keith Butler continue to battle it out for the chance to take on Debbie Stabenow this November. Once thought to be vulnerable, Stabenow runs well ahead in hypothetical matchups against both challengers, and now reports having $7 million in the bank. The Michigan primary is August 8.

IL-8: The good news for Republican challenger Dave McSweeney? He slightly outraised incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean last quarter, $604,000 to $548,000. The bad news? Bean is sitting on close to $3 million in the bank while McSweeney has less than a half million. Senator John McCain is in town for an event today that will raise another $125K for McSweeney.

GA Lt. Gov: More good stuff from Baxter and Galloway at the AJC on the final hours of this dead heat race:

"Let's ponder on [Matt] Towery's contention that this race will be a 1,000-vote contest. If that's so, then it won't be over until Cobb, Cherokee and north Fulton counties weigh in.

Remember that it was Jared Thomas, as campaign manager for Tom Price, who pulled the upset of 2004 with a primary victory in the GOP race for the 6th Congressional District. Which covers exactly that territory. Thomas, of course, is now directing Reed's campaign.

IA-3: The Des Moines Register reports Incumbent Democrat Boswell raised $415K in Q2 and has over $1 million in the bank. Republican challenger Jeff Lamberti almost matches Boswell's pace, raising $374K in Q2 with $775,000 on hand.

OH Governor: Sometimes a quote is all you need, this time from Republican Ken Blackwell:"I'm sending the hound dogs after him [Democrat Ted Strickland]. We're going to track him down and make him debate the issues, side by side. We're going to make him show that he can drill down on these issues."