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Never Quit the Fight

peters.jpg Ralph Peters's new book came in the mail the other day. As longtime RCP readers know, Peters's New York Post columns are often featured on the frontpage, and we're also proud to say that Ralph has become a direct regular contributor to RealClearPolitics in recent months.

"Never Quit the Fight" is a collection of essays written by Peters over the last three years. Peters has long been one of the most powerful voices around arguing for a robust approach to the War on Terror, and he's also been, without question, one of the most forceful and eloquent defender of U.S. troops anywhere in the world. And from the very start of the book's introduction, it's abundantly clear that Peters is less than pleased about the way things have gone since the late summer of 2003:

Despite glances backward and projections into the distant future, the themes addressed here were dictated by this brief, turbulent, inspiring, and disheartening period. A nation at war pretended that it was not. A presidential administration insisted that we were at war but acted as though the greed-spurred 1990's had never ended. A national election offered the American people one of the poorest choices in our history, between an incumbent administration that stood for arrogance, corruption, and security, and a challenger who emanated fecklessness, weakness, and a spirit of surrender. We gritted our teeth and chose the man who would fight over a man who didn't seem to stand for anything at all....

Abroad, our men and women in uniform fought remarkably well despite poor national leadership on one hand and a hard-left minority on the other that seemed to feel more empathy for Islamist terrorists than for our own troops. "Support our troops, bring them home!" became the most cynical political mantra since the McCarthy era. Yet our troops never wavered. They deserve far more respect and recognition than an insincere political class and our toxic media will grant them.

Nobody is more straightfoward or hard-hitting than Peters. If you're as much of a fan of his work as I am, "Never Quit the Fight" is absolute must-reading.